BlueM.Wave v1.6 released

BlueM.Wave v1.6 has been released!

BlueM.Wave v1.6
BlueM.Wave v1.6

New features and improvement

  • New file formats supported for importing time series
  • Improvements to the user interface
    • Most of the interface and the log output has been translated to English
    • Significantly improved possibilities for viewing and navigating time series
      • New toolbar buttons for zooming, panning, zoom-undo and zoom-all
      • Start and end date for display can be set using date/time pickers
      • Display range can be set to exact date/time ranges using a simple interface
      • Buttons for navigating in time using at user-specified time increment
      • All changes to the viewport are recorded in a history that can be undone
  • Switched to .NET Framework 3.5
  • Cleanup and removing old, unused code.

Known issues

  • A 64-bit version is not available at the moment.
  • The zoom undo button is still a bit finicky, sometimes you have to press it several times to achieve the desired result.

Download the new version from our download page.

Feedback is welcome!

– The BlueM Dev Team

BlueM poster contribution at TdH 2016

Michael Kissel was asked to present the blueprint for a direct integration of urban drainage modules into BlueM at the “Tag der Hydrologie 2016/Day of Hydrology 2016” held in Koblenz, Germany. The overall topic of the conference was “Water resources – connecting knowledge in river basins”. BlueM, with its integrated model approach and the planned development was a perfect contribution to this topic.

Poster contribution to TdH 2016.
Poster contribution to TdH 2016.

You can access a PDF version of the presented poster from our publications list.

– The BlueM Dev Team

BlueM – New site & management!

We are happy to welcome you to the new BlueM website. Together with the new website we have made some fundamental changes in the management of BlueM which will allow us to focus much better on the development of the different parts of BlueM. More information will follow on this blog… stay tuned.

– The BlueM Dev Team