BlueM - software package for river basin management

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BlueM is a software package for river basin management developed by the BlueM Dev Team (info @ and the ihwb at Technische Universität Darmstadt. It allows for the integrated simulation, analysis and optimisation of discharge and pollution loads in rural and urban catchments, including processes in the water body, using physically-based hydrologic approaches. BlueM is the result of continuous development efforts based on model concepts that have been pursued at ihwb for many years and have already been implemented in various applications.

Besides the hydrological model core for rainfall-runoff computations including discharge, pollution load and water quality processes in rural and urban catchments (BlueM.Sim), the BlueM software package also contains tools for visualizing and analyzing time series (BlueM.Wave), for optimizing, auto-calibrating and performing sensitivity analyses on model parameters (BlueM.Opt), as well as for visualizing optimization results (e.g. in the form of scatterplot matrices). A further package component is BlueM.Analyser, a tool for carrying out monitoring and assessment tasks in real-time (per time step).

BlueM.Sim and BlueM.Analyser are equipped with OpenMI-interfaces, which allows them to be coupled with other OpenMI-compliant models.

BlueM components:


The software package BlueM is freely available:

  1. BlueM.Sim
  2. BlueM.Opt
It is also possible to access the source code for research purposes (requires an agreement with the BlueM Dev Team): info @ bluemodel . org